Know God, Love God, Serve God

Sermon Series: Revival

Join us on Sunday mornings for this six-week sermon series starting Sunday, September 8th!

We can only move forward into an unknown future by reflecting on the past, the people, places and experiences that helped shape and form who we are. As the People called Methodists, in an evolving and ever changing denomination, it is imperative that we know our past, our history, in order for us to move confidently into the future.

We will learn about our founding fathers and mothers, the tenets of the faith we proclaim, the relation we have to other Christian denominations and how God is calling us to be the United Methodist Church in the 21st century. You won’t want to miss this!

  • Sept. 8: Who is John Wesley and Why Does He Matter?
  • Sept. 15: What Does Holiness Have to Do With Me?
  • Sept. 22: A Crisis of Faith: But We’ve Always Done It This Way!
  • Sept. 29: What’s So Amazing About Grace?
  • Oct. 6: Four Square: What is the Wesleyan Quadrilateral?
  • Oct 13: Three Simple Rules for Your Life and Faith.