Know God, Love God, Serve God

Congratulations! We at Evansville United Methodist Church are delighted to share with you in the joyous occasion of your wedding. It is our sincere desire to help make this time in your life beautiful and sacred. Your choice to be married at Evansville UMC creates a special significance for your marriage. As Christians, we believe that marriage is an institution ordained by God.

Evansville UMC wishes to extend every courtesy to those who desire to use its facilities for weddings. Because careful planning will help make the wedding event most meaningful, we offer this policy manual for your assistance. In addition, these policies serve to guard the integrity of Evansville UMC as we make the church available. Accordingly, the following requirements and procedures have been adopted by the church and are to be followed by all wedding parties at Evansville UMC. These policies take precedence over all other wedding protocols. If there are questions about wedding protocol not covered here, we recommend the “Wedding Etiquette” book by Peggy Post.

With the recent addition of the new Lift vestibule, our church is now accommodating for those that may not be able to navigate stairs.

For more information, please contact our wedding coordinator with questions by filling in the form below.

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