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Prayer Chain Ministry

Evansville UMC has a rich history of faithful and faith-filled prayer. The true purpose of praying for others is to offer ourselves as channels of God’s grace. When we act as intercessor we are forming a link in the link. We are offering our hearts as channels through which the healing love of God may be directed to those for whom we are praying.

A prayer chain allows people to be directly involved in praying for the individual concerns by receiving a prayer request and passing it along from one person to another. Those on the prayer chain are committed to pray regularly, preferably daily, for the concerns passed on to them. The pastor or the administrative assistant begin and end the prayer chain so that it is confidently completed.

If you’d like to be a part of the EUMC Prayer Chain, please contact the church office via email or call (608) 882-4622. You will be contacted for further information and instruction.

*If you have a prayer request, please contact the church office.