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September 23rd E-News: Have You Ever Had a Crisis of Faith?

September 16th E-News: A Deeper Connection to God

September 9th E-News: Who Are These People Called Methodists?

September 2nd E-News: Let Go and Let God!

August 26th E-News: Jesus is our King!

August 19th E-News: Can You See the “Diamond in the Rough”?

August 12th E-News: Are You Ready?

August 5th E-News: In Remembrance of Jesus’ Great Love

July 29th E-News: Simply Pray

July 22nd E-News: Blessing of the Animals a Success!

July 8th E-News: Step Out in Faith!

July 8th E-News: A Successful Pancake Breakfast!

May 20th E-News:God is Making All Things New!

May 13th E-News: We are Family!

May 6th E-News: Have Faith!

April 29th E-News: We Are Standing on Holy Ground!

April 22nd E-News: We Are Easter People!

April 15th E-News: What is Jesus Saying He Needs From You?

April 8th E-News: Letting Go

April 1st E-News: Where is God Asking You to Offer Hospitality?

March 25th E-News: Humility – It’s Not About You

March 18th E-News: Joyful Witness – God Will Show Us the Way!

March 11th E-News: Finding Joy in Prayer!

March 4th E-News: What is God Calling You To Do?

February 25th E-News: How Can You Live a More Generous Life?

February 18th E-News: All That We Have Is A Gift From God

February 11th E-News: Our Life Purpose is Greater Than Our Own Self-Interests

February 4th E-News: What is God Calling You to Offer of Your Time, Talent, and Financial Gifts?

January 28th E-News: What God-Given Gifts and Passions Do You Have?

January 21st E-News: You are Beloved Sons and Daughters of God!

January 14th E-News: How Do You Bring Your Nephesh to Worship on Sundays?

January 7th E-News: Light Triumphed Over Darkness!


December 31st E-News: As You Begin This New Year Look for Signs of God’s Light in Your Life!

December 17th E-News: Did you hear the Christmas Bells from the Sunday School Christmas program yesterday?

December 10th E-News: When was the Last Time You Stopped Talking and Starting Listening for God?

December 3rd E-News: Where Have You Seen Signs of Hope and God’s Love?

November 26th E-News: The Kin-dom of God!

November 19th E-News: We Live in an Ever Changing World with a Never Changing God!

November 12th E-News: How Much of Your Whole Self Are You Giving to God?

November 5th E-News: Who Were The Saints in Your Life?

October 29th E-News: What Part of Your Life Does Jesus Need to Heal?

October 22nd E-News: How Are You Serving Your Fellow Man?

October 15th E-News: With God All Things Are Possible!

October 8th E-News: The Gift of God for the People of God

October 1st E-News: How Can You Help Create a Community of Belonging and Acceptance?

September 24th E-News: We are all Lifelong Learners!

September 17th E-News: Who Do You Say I Am?

September 10th E-News: What is your Spiritual Gift?

September 4th E-News: Tradition: Love or Law?

August 27th E-News: Lots of Opportunities at Evansville UMC

August 20th E-News: Great Things are Coming Up!

August 13th E-News: Thank You for Helping the Care Closet this Year

August 6th E-News: How are you Serving in Your Church?

July 29th E-News: Grounded in God, Steeped in Prayer

July 23rd E-News: Thanks for Making Vacation Bible School a Success!

July 16th E-News: Look Who Won Most Creative 4th of July Float!