Serving God in Evansville, WI

Bible Study

We hold several Bible studies throughout the year where we go through different devotional books to help us delve deeper into the Bible. Our Fall Bible study start in October and runs til Thanksgiving, our Advent Bible Study starts the last week in November and runs until Christmas, our winter Bible Study starts after the new year and our lent Bible study starts 40 days before Easter. We may also hold additional Bible Studies as time and interest permits.

Our Advent Bible Study will begin on Wednesday, November 28th where we’ll be going through a book called “The Journey” by Adam Hamilton. It will be held in Fellowship Hall at 6:30 pm. Contact the church office to sign up or use the sign up sheet at the back of the sanctuary before or after Sunday worship!

“Combining biblical scholarship, theological interpretation, and spiritual insight, you’ll follow Mary and Joseph on the arduous journey to Bethlehem, feel their disappointment when there’s no room at the inn, and rejoice with the angels and the shepherds when Jesus is born.”

Our Winter Bible Study will begin after the first of the year. Keep watching for more info.

Our Lenten Bible Study will begin mid February and run until Easter. Keep watching for more info.