Serving God in Evansville, WI

Pasty Sale

The Evansville United Methodist Church is having its autumn pasty sale on Saturday November 04, 2017.

What is a pasty? A pasty is a meat and veggie filling wrapped in pie dough. Our veggies include carrots, onions, potatoes and rutabagas. The meat is a mixture of both pork and beef.

Our made from scratch pasties are fully-baked and freeze wonderfully. They are perfect for those nights you are too tired to cook, but want a great tasting hearty meal.

We are selling both veggie-only pasties and meat and veggie pasties. Each pasty is $6.

Orders can be placed by calling 608.882.4622 or emailing Please place your order before Wednesday, November 1, 2017 so we can order enough supplies.
Pasties can be picked up after 12:00 and before 3:00 on Saturday, November 04, 2017.