Serving God in Evansville, WI

Church Events

Sunday School

Sunday School 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.      •  Sunday school for K through 8th grade from September until mid-May.       •   You can enroll your children the morning of our first Sunday school program  •   or contact Cathy Arnold, (608) 201-3402 or arnold @ to show you around our classrooms and give you an overview of our programs.     •   …

Morning Prayer & Study Group

Meets at the Church on most Thursday morings, at 9:30am. Meeting . We will be using a guide “How to Pray like Paul” and others along the way to lead us as we spend time actually praying for our church, community, family, friends, personal needs, etc.

Beautifully Broken meeting

A couple ladies from the Beautifully Broken team are visiting our church to get a feeling for the space and meet with our planning group and small group facilicators.  This is a chance to meet some of the special women that are providing the “Unshackled” event and spend some time in prayer and worship!

Communion Sunday

Communion is offered the first Sunday of the month and on special Sundays during our worship services. Pastor will also take communion to those unable to make it to Church.


Beautifully Broken presents Unshackled: a women’s conference.  Experience poweful worship, life-changing testimonies of freedom, Kingdom-focused encouragement, and rich, authentic community!